November Meeting – SLAARC Election – Batteries and Solar

All SLAARC Members,

On Sunday 11-8-2020 at 6:30 p.m. the SLAARC November Virtual Informational Meeting will begin using the Zoom Virtual Meeting link below.  

This will be our Annual Club Membership Meeting to nominate and elect the SLAARC Officers/Board Members for the year beginning January 1, 2021.  We will need a MINIMUM of 14 voting members present in the Zoom Meeting to meet the quorum requirement.  I have contacted all current SLAARC Officers/Board members and we all are willing to keep the same positions for at least one more year if that is what the club members want us to do.  Also, the floor will be open for other nominations for SLAARC Officer/Board Member positions that any club members want to make.  After all nominations are completed and accepted, the voting members present will vote to determine the SLAARC Officers/Board Members for 2021.

At 7:00 p.m. , Kevin Zanjani (KI6DHQ) of Bioenno Power will begin the Informational Meeting Program entitled “Batteries and Solar Power use in portable Amateur Radio operations.”

Kevin also said that “there will be a door prize for one lucky attendee of the meeting.”  We will have a drawing for the door prize with names in a hat of all meeting attendees.


Mike Sharpe – W8XH

SLAARC President

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  1. This is the link to Sunday’s Zoom presentation at our SLAARC Informational Meeting.

    Kevin Zanjani of Bioenno covered a great deal of information about LiFePO battery technology, and its use in amateur radio. Their battery systems have some very useful properties for our applications! Capacities, charging systems, appropriate sizing for type of radio, were all covered topics. Very informative indeed.

    Thank you also to Bioenno for their generous donation of a door prize for this event.

    Jerry Grimes, K8GNG
    Treasurer, South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club

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