October Membership Meeting Announcement

All SLAARC Members,

On Sunday 10-11-2020 at 6:30 p.m. the SLAARC October Virtual Informational Meeting will begin using the Zoom Virtual Meeting link below. 

We will spend the first 15 minutes with general discussions about any topic you may want to bring up.  The next 15 minutes will cover any housekeeping issues the SLAARC Board needs to discuss. 

At 7:00 p.m. , Frank Maynard (NF8M) will begin the Informational Meeting Program entitled “Beyond Field Day: How to get started in contesting”

Frank’s description of the presentation is as follows:

This presentation is for those who haven’t done much contesting or are very casual contesters, such as Field Day or the Michigan QSO Party, and who would like to get more involved in contesting and try some of the more popular contests.

We’ll cover the elements of contesting, what equipment and skills you need, what to expect, how to improve, and other topics.

Please send me an e-mail or find me on the radio if there are any questions you’d like answered or topics you’d like to see covered in this presentation.


Mike Sharpe – W8XH

SLAARC President

John T. Haworth, SLAARC