X (Login Problems)

Club members can use this link to LOGIN using the credentials supplied by the webmaster.

Normal Login to SLAARC/WP Website

One must login to gain access the Members Only Area of this website.

One can LOG OUT by hovering your mouse on their display name in the upper right corner of of the WordPress Menu Bar (not the website menu bar) and then clicking on Log Out in the dropdown menu.

Forgot/Change Password

When you have forgotten your password, please go to the User Account Info page

Forgot Username

The user name is normally your Callsign in Caps. (i.e. N8SL)

If this does not work, then attempt a user name retrieval using the email registered with the club.

Retrieve username

Locked Out

After 6 failed attempts, the user’s IP will be locked out for two months. Please contact website@slaarc.com to unblock.

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