Repeater & Info Net

Over the Air

SLAARC supports the operation of the N8SL 2m FM repeater.  The repeater:

  • Transmits on:  147.040 MHz
  • Receives on :  147.640 MHz  (+600 KHz)
  • Uses PL Tone:  110.9 Hz

A new Yeasu Fusion Analog/Digital Repeater is being phased in at the primary site.


DTMF Room ID 21923

Note: Currently Listed as N8BHT

WIRES_S ID list may be viewed here


Node 29789

Note: Currently Listed as N8BHT

Main How To’s

Connect link in transcieve mode

  • *3 node

Disconnect Link

  • *1 node

Disconnect from the last node linked

  • select *1 0

The nodes we are linked with may be viewed here

N8SL user Allstar DTMF commands

DTMF Command Example Function
*1<node> *129789 Disconnect an Allstar node
*10 *10 Disconnect the last node connected
*3<node> *329789 Connect an Allstar node (note 1)
*70 *70 Announce the system status
*75 *75 Announce complete system status
*80 *80 Play N8SL repeater ID
*81 *81 Announce time of day
*82 *82 Say 24 hour time
*990 *990 Play short repeater info message
*991 *991 Play long repeater info message
*992 *992 Play SLAARC breakfast message


Note1 – Please disconnect any node you connect after finishing your QSO.

Note 2 – VE testing and meeting messages do not contain a specific date.

Please ensure to disconnect when finished. For any issues, please contact the Repeater Committee


A weekly information net is conducted on this repeater:

  • Day:  Sunday (except for business meeting dates).
  • Time:  8:00 PM local.
  • Call:  N8SL
  • Net Control Operator:  Rotated between volunteer members.

The Info Net format and an online log are located in the Members Only Area.