Becoming a Member of SLAARC

Membership in SLAARC is open to anyone interested in amateur (ham) radio, contingent upon submission and acceptance of a Membership Application Form and payment of the dues corresponding to the membership class applied for.

5-15-2019 SLAARC membership invitation

Membership Classes

The following types of memberships are available:

  • Individual — a licensed ARO with full privileges.
  • Life — a lifetime individual membership with one time dues payment.
  • Family — two or more people, at least one of which is a licensed ARO.  Family members who are not licensed have the privileges of Associate membership.
  • Associate — someone who does not hold a valid FCC ARO license.  May participate in meetings but not vote or hold office.

The complete description of the privileges associated with each membership class are described in Sec. 1 MEMBERSHIP, of the SLAARC Bylaws, Revised, as adopted at the November 2018 Membership Meeting.  This section of the Bylaws is reproduced on page 3 of the Membership Application Form.


Dues are on a calendar year basis and are applied to the year in which they are received.  Dues for renewing/continuing members are applied to the current year, or the first future year for which dues have not already been credited.

The current dues amounts, as shown below and on page 1 of the current Membership Application Form, were established by a vote of the members at the November 2016 regular business meeting, in accordance with the SLAARC Bylaws, Revised, as adopted at the October 2016 Membership Meeting.

The current annual dues are:

  • $20 – Individual
  • $300 – Life (15x Individual amount)
  • $25 – Family
  • $20 – Associate

Dues Payments

Please note the following when paying dues:

  • Dues are on a calendar year basis, payable by January 1st of each year.
  • Dues must be mailed to the club P. O. Box, the Treasurer, or paid at a monthly business meeting.
  • Cash should not be sent through the mail.
  • Checks should be made out to SLAARC and the memo line should indicate “Dues for <call sign> for <year>”.
  • See the Contact US page for the club’s mailing address.

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Membership

Membership in the ARRL is not required to belong to SLAARC, but is strongly encouraged.  Most SLAARC members are also members of the ARRL.  SLAARC cannot handle your ARRL membership; you must join ARRL directly.