Presidents Message and Dinner Announcement

Year in Review

Winter Field Day

We had a great outing last January, getting three stations on the air, some satellite work, and a visit from a Scout troop.


Parks on the Air

We activation Island Lake Recreation Area so many times, we received an award…over 1000 QSO’s!

Summer Field Day

We ran with four stations, two voice, one digital and one mixed CW and digital.


Astronomy at the Beach

We set-up a station at the Astronomy at the Beach event and indroduced our club to many STEM interested attendees

First visitor

….and our Favorite Activity

Coffee, food and taking.

Meeting time

Thank You

I greatly appreciate all the wonder experiences and support received during my two years as President. I look forward to supporting Mike W8XH as President and a Big Thanks to Craig W8ELD for all his great work as Treasurer.

Dinner Time

When: 06:30 PM, Sunday, December 9th

Where: Zukey Lake Tavern


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