May President’s Newsletter and Meeting Announcement

Goodbye Spring and Hello Summer!

What happened since the last meeting? We were getting snow and still had winter storm warnings up north, and then Summer broke out! I had to rush to do some antenna work before the snow disappeared.

And so it begins

The Event committee is ramping up for the summer activities. First is our 2018 Field Day. We have also invited the Livingston Amateur Radio Klub ,LARK, to participate. Their club has the Howell Ballon Fest the same weekend and will support as part of the community outreach for Livingston County.

The other event is K8MIS special event station for the Great Lakes Ham Con. Even though the main event is in October, there will be opportunities to make the call active during the MIS race weekends during the summer.

Now is a great time to get involved and help define what exciting things we will be doing this summer!

What is Software Defined Radio, SDR

For those interested in SDR, we have a great program for May. Mike VA3M will join use via the web to present the latest information from FlexRadio Systems. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.

VA3M-Flex Radio Capabilities-4-18

Meeting Announcement

When: Sunday, May 6th, beginning at 6:30 EDT

Where: Witch’s Hat Depot – Freight House


Round of Introductions

Verify Order of Agenda

Show & Tell


“Flex Radio Systems, Utilizing the Latest SDR Capabilities”

Starts approximately at 7:00 PM

Michael Walker VA3MW will be calling into the meeting to discuss:

  • Why SDR Radio
  • Utilizing the Latest SDR Capabilities

Business Meeting Call to order


Pass around the attendance sheet.

Standard Items

Vote to accept Secretary’s report from last meeting

Treasurer’s report

President’s Report

Vice-President’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Event/Field Day
  • Web Committee

Old Business


New Business

Meeting Adjournment

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  1. New Business:
    – Siren Check for June
    – Net control?

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