Special SLAARC Meeting – Saturday, Jan 28th, 8:30 AM Senate Coney Island, South Lyon

Hello All,

As President of SLAARC, I will call a special meeting of all current members of the South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club to consider sponsorship of a club activity for Winter Field Day, which will occur Jan 28 and 29th, 2017.
  • Review and discuss Winter Field Day (WFD)
  • Vote on sponsorship of activity to allow SLAARC Insurance to cover the active members during the event
  • Vote on operational expenditures required for the location – which includes $50 park fee
  • Confirmation of Committee and Chairman for WFD
The meeting will occur no earlier than 8:30 AM and will conclude by 8:45 AM, Saturday January 28th, 2017.  The ending time is important to allow the VE’s to participate prior to the testing session that start’s at 9:00 AM on the same morning.
The meeting will occur at the location for the SLAARC breakfast at the Senate Coney Island, 25900 West Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, MI, 48178.
John T Haworth
President SLAARC

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