Ham Breakfast Topic – Asterisk Allstar on the Raspberry PI


Voice over Internet using a RaspberryPi

Voice over Internet using a RaspberryPi

What is the current hot topic for SLAARC?  Raspberry Pi of course.  Actually, it’s using the Raspberry as the computer to create things like repeater controllers, personal nodes and web sites.


Allstar is an open source way to connect RF systems to Voice-over-Internet VoIP digital streams.  Many current methods are proprietary, or closed, and cannot easily be modified for use.  Thus, anyone that likes to tinker cannot easily do this with C4FM, DStar, or DMR.  Plus, one can get up-and-running for far less that $100….may even less if you have spare computing hardware lying around.


Once you get the basics going, there are a whole host of things to experiment with.  Of most important aspects is experimenting with different ways to transmit data from point A to B.  It’s a great training ground on how to create ad-hock communication nets.       It’s also a great show-and-tell to bring to ham meetings….or breakfast meetings.  Just may have been good not to bring the dead mouse to the breakfast table…at least it was a Dell and not a Microsoft mouse.

Source information

To get started, it is recommended to Doug Crompton’s WA3DSP Hamvoip website that has a bunch if information to get one started.  It also has a history and several links to follow.


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