Winter Field Day

What is Winter Field Day?

  • Ham radio outdoors in winter… Like the other Field day, except the last weekend in January.
  • WFD was previously established and run by another organization but was not very well publicized or attended.
  • It is now run by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA)  

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Why Should N8SL Participate?

  • Practice for club members to organize and deploy portable ham radio activities
  • Practice our on the air skills
  • Camaraderie
  • Build public awareness

The SLAARC Event Committee organizes the annual WFD activities. Please email us at for any questions.


New for the year

Plenty of room for antennas
Fire-pit and tables for outdoor activities – weather permitting


New for the year

Why at Proud Lake Rec Area?

  • Traditional summer field day site is closed for the season
  • Allows us to evaluate alternate locations for the full summer field day if we lose access to our traditional location at Atchison Park
  • We were able to rent a pair of cabins to operate from.  This helps with social distancing.

Why the Cabins?

  • The availability of the two camper cabins at Proud Lake allowed us to reserve them for WFD this year.
  • There are two cabins next to each other, allowing for the 500 foot site radius.
  • We wished to minimize the setup and teardown of shelters as we have reduced onsite contact of club members

Distributed Participation

  • New for 2021 the WFDA is allowing club members to operate from their individual homes and allow their results to be combined with the club call, same as the ARRL Summer Field Day COVID rule modification
  • Use their own callsign.  Home stations will be 1H MI, for example.
  • May claim Outdoor if >30 feet away home QTH with portable gear and outdoor setting


General Photos of Site

COVID19 Modifications

Others in the club may participate remotely, using their own call signs. For those operating their own station:

  • individual members fill in the “CLUB:” line in their Cabrillo log file
  • Individual members would send in a log under their own callsign (operating under their own privileges) with the name noted on the “CLUB:” line: South Lyon Area ARC


  • 2 Station setup
    • 362 contacts
      • 65 ARRL sections
      • 49 States/ Provinces
  • Between 6 different operators
  • There were 10 club members and visitors


  • 2 stations 
    • 325 contacts

K8MRD’s video from N8SL 2019 WFD


  • 3 stations 
    • 624 contacts


  • Our first year 2 station
    • 105 contacts
      • 46 unique sections
      • 39 unique states, provinces
  • 6 operators
  • 4+ visitors


  1. I’m confused.
    The download flyer is titled “N8SL at proud Lake Recreation Area”.
    The first sentence of the infobox states it will be at Island lake rec area ???

    And why did I have to download and open the .pdf flyer to find out the dates of the event? Could that not have been put on the web page upfront under general info?

    Jim, KB8TAV

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