General Class forming in Ann Arbor

Dan KB6NU will be teaching a General class here in Ann Arbor starting on Saturday, January 11, 2020, and would like to invite SLAARC members to attend. The class will run for eight to ten weeks, depending on how fast they can get through the material.

It’s going to be held at the All Hands Active (AHA) makerspace on 225 E Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor. It’s in the basement below the Afternoon Delight restaurant. The classes will start at 10 am and end at noon.

They will be using the KB6NU study guide, which will be available for only $10. In addition, Dan is asking for a donation of $25 to pass on to AHA for letting the group use their classroom.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Dan KB6NU

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