August President’s Newsletter and Meeting Announcement

Summer Time

Parks on the Air (POTA) is in full swing. Many are bringing their equipment with them on trips and taking the time to activate parks along the way. Keep an eye out for club members and be sure to spot them.

So far the Summer has been fairly hot and dry. It’s about this time that one begins to long for the cool days of Fall.


Good news spreads fast…bad news faster. Unfortunately, the 2nd running of the Great Lakes HamCon was cancelled. It was due to failure to reach an agreement for use of the MIS facility. This also means that SLAARC will not be running the special event station K8MIS.

Next Event

Our next planned event is Astronomy at the Beach. It will occur at Island Lake Rec Area, September 14th and 15th. Keep a lookout of what the event committee will be planning for this.



Starts approximately at 7:00 PM

Steve (N8AR) and Larry (K8UT) will present “The Mortty Story”.  Mortty is an inexpensive Do-It-Yourself construction project (like a Heathkit) using a miniature enclosure, Arduino Nano and custom PCB to build a platform to run K0SM’s TinyFSK RTTY Keyer software, K3NG’s CW Keyer (K1EL Winkeyer compatible) software as well as W1HKJ’s nanoIO software using fldigi. They will describe how Mortty came to be, how it evolved, how it works, how it is used and why you might want one (or two). There will be several demos of Mortty in action.

Meeting Announcement

When: Sunday August 12th, 2018, 6:30 PM EDT

Where: Witch’s Hat Depot – Freight House


  • Open Discussion
  • Show and Tell
  • Verify Order of Agenda

Attendance Sheet

  • Verify Quorum

Vote to accept Secretary’s report from last meeting


Treasurer’s report

President’s Report

Vice-President’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Event/Field Day
  • Web Committee

Old Business

New Business

Meeting Adjournment

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