July President’s Newsletter and Meeting Announcement

Field Day 2018

We put another one in the books. The weekend forecast was showing rain for the entire duration of the event. That did not deter the Friday set-up crew. A contingent showed up early to get going before any rain hit. As it turned out, we only received some light sprinkles while finishing the assembly of the main tower.

Not only did we get the towers up, we had both main carport structures up. This allowed for has to bring their rigs and try them out on the antenna farm we had available on Friday. This was a new addition to our annual Field Day. It was well received by those that normally do not have access to such antennas.

Another first this year was using Steve’s N8AR trailer to set-up two radio stations. The accommodations were comfortable for up-to four people at the two positions. This was also well received by those that operated in the trailer.

The rain mostly stayed away, except for some significant showers early Sunday morning. The structures were more than capable of handling the rain and no issues resulted from the brief showers.

One bonus was the creation and uploading a video of our FD from Mike K8MRD.

SLAARC 2018 Field Day Video – K8MRD

What went well? What would you wish were different?

In our July meeting, we will review the results of FD, discuss the main achievements of this year’s event, and discuss as a club what should be considered for our next FD. Please come to the meeting ready to discuss how it went for you.


Field Day 2018 Wrap-Up

Starts approximately at 7:00 PM

Eric K8ERS will review the event committee’s results for Field Day 2018

  • Results
  • What went well
  • Wishes for next event

Meeting Announcement

When: July 8th, 2018, 6:30 PM EDT

Where: Witch’s Hat Depot – Freight House


  • Open Discussion
  • Show and Tell
  • Verify Order of Agenda

Attendance Sheet

  • Verify Quorum

Vote to accept Secretary’s report from last meeting


Treasurer’s report

President’s Report

Vice-President’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Event/Field Day
  • Web Committee

Old Business

New Business

Meeting Adjournment

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