President’s February Newsletter and Meeting Announcement

Winter is Holding On

Since the groundhog saw his shadow, we are going to have six more weeks of Winter. However, we have some things on our side. The days are getting longer, 80 and 160 meters are still good, and we had a very successful Winter Field Day.

Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day weekend turned out to be a very moderate winter weekend. The sun was shining, there was no snow on the ground, and the temperatures were very reasonable. We made over 600 contacts and even had a satellite contact!

Some other highlights:

We used the trailer for two of the three radios.

We had a visit from a local boy scout troop.

And we ran into the night on Saturday, stopping around 9 PM, and continued on Sunday morning.

Meeting Announcement

When: Sunday, February 11, beginning at 6:30


Round of Introductions

Verify Order of Agenda

Show & Tell


Allstar Node Demonstration and Discussion

Starts approximately at 6:45 PM

Chris N8CAL will discuss his Allstar node including how he uses it, what the basic construction he used is and what a ham should do if they want to build one. Others are also welcome to bring theirs and have a club discussion.

Business Meeting Call to order


Pass around the attendance sheet.

Standard Items

Vote to accept Secretary’s report from last meeting

Treasurer’s report

  • Dues for 2018

President’s Report

  • 2018 Club Schedule

Vice-President’s Report

Committee Reports

  • Proposed changes to Business Meeting Update
  • Web site
  • Event/Field Day

Old Business

Survey new hams about interests

New Business

Meeting Adjournment

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