Announcing the 2017 Michigan QSO Party

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To all Michigan Amateur Radio Clubs,

Please pass along this announcement to all of your club members regarding the 2017 Michigan QSO Party.

Thanks and 73,
Mike, N8MR
2017 MiQP Publicity

Announcing the 2017 Michigan QSO Party

Just Have Some Fun!!!!!

o    Chance to get on the air

o    Single Op, Multi Op, Mobile, EOC

o    Be the station others want to work

o    Maybe activate a rare county?

o    Excellent Club Activity

o    Reason to get together as group

o    Join the fun in the “EOC” station category

o    Excellent Training opportunity!

o    Get new members on the air!

o    Friendly Competition

Let’s all help make Michigan “radio-active” on the 15th of April!!!!

Get your local EOC on the air and show the emergency management team how amateur radio can benefit their efforts!!!

The 2017 Michigan QSO Party, sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club, is from 1600Z April 15 until 0400Z April 16.

Stations may operate the full 12 hours. Phone and CW on 80/40/20/15/10 meters.  Single-op, multi-op, and mobile categories.   Work stations once per band and mode.  MI-to-MI QSOs allowed. Work portables and mobiles again as they change county, state or province.  Exchange QSO number and location (county for MI stations, state/province or “DX” for others).

Suggested frequencies: CW-3545, 7045, 14045, 21045, 28045; Phone-3825, 7200, 14250, 21300, 28450.  One point per phone QSO, two points per CW QSO.  Count multipliers once per mode.

Multipliers are MI counties for all entries, plus states, provinces and “DX” for MI entries only.  Final score is total  QSO points times total multipliers.

Submit logs no later than 30 days after the contest.  Electronic logs in Cabrillo format are submitted via the Log Submittal page on the MiQP web site  Mail paper logs with summary sheets to: Mad River Radio Club, c/o Dave Pruett, 2727 Harris Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48198.

Enter or Select info for all the fields below and then press the submit log button on the bottom of the page. Enter Callsign Used during Michigan QSO Party

For full rules, along with free logging software, log and summary sheets, see

Contents: Latest MiQP News. MiQP Results: MiQP Rules; Awards Program; In-State Operating Tips; Out-State Operating Tips

John T. Haworth, SLAARC

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