Field Day 2015

SLAARC completed yet another ARRL Field Day event the last weekend of June, 2015.  The club scaled back it’s operations this year and decided to focus on participation and fun.  The weather was OK for setup on Friday and very nice for teardown on Sunday but proved to be a challenge during the actually operating event on Saturday and overnight into Sunday.  Our VHF tent became unusable and the VHF and GOTA stations were combined in a new, large shelter.  Unfortunately the VHF/GOTA shelter blew over in the wind.  There wasn’t anyone inside at the time but there was radio and computer equipment.  It was all hands on deck to deal with the downed tents and to get extra guy lines on the 20 and 40 meter tents and the food shelter.  The good news is that our generator operated for the whole 24 hours, we kept the 20m and 40m stations on the air, all of our antennas stayed up and usable, and we kept the food tent up providing nourishment and shelter for everyone who came out to participate.  We even participated in the 6m opening that occurred on Sunday morning using the mobile rig in one of the member’s car.  Everyone learned a lot from this Field Day, spirits remained high, and there was a sense of satisfaction at having been able to stay on the air under less than ideal weather conditions.

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