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SLAARC Weekly Information Net

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Information Net Format (suggested script)

Guidelines for Conducting the South Lyon Amateur Radio Club Information Net

The following is a guideline and suggested wording for conducting the South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club information net.

InfoNET Guidelines (PDF)

Open the Net

QST – QST  – QST.  This is N8SL, net control for the South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club Information Net.  My call sign is (Your call sign) and my name is (Your first name). I live in (Your municipality).  I will be the net control operator for this evening’s net using the South Lyon Area Amateur Radio club call N8SL.

This net is held on this repeater at 8:00 PM each Sunday evening except the second Sunday of each month when our regular club meeting is held at the Witches Hat Depot in South Lyon at 6:30 PM.

The format of the net is as follows:

We will call for any stations wishing to join the net.  When checking in please give your call, name, location and indicate if you are mobile, have any traffic or announcements for the net.

We will then have two rounds of transmissions from the stations checked into the net with priority given to stations with traffic or net announcements.  During these rounds of transmissions, we will check periodically for additional check-ins.

Upon completion of the two rounds of  transmissions, we will have a “Question and Answer Session” followed by a “Swap and Shop Session.”

Call for Check-ins and Conduct the Round Robin

At this time I would like to invite all amateurs listening to check in, indicating if you have traffic or announcements. Please call N8SL – net control.

  1. Take Check-ins and list on log sheet.
  2. Cover Club announcements, up coming swap meets or ARRL events.
  3. Gab session twice (take check-ins every 3 or 4 people).
  4. Proceed to the rest of the net below.

Question and Answer Session

We will now continue the net with our Question and Answer Session.  If you have a question about amateur radio, the South Lyon Club, or electronics in general, we will try to answer the question or help you locate a source that can. Please call N8SL – net control now if you have a question for the net.

Swap and Shop Session

We will now continue the net with our Swap and Shop Session.  If you have any amateur radio gear you want to buy, sell or swap, please call net control. We ask that no prices be given over the air, so please give information for people to contact you by phone, mail, or email. Please call N8SL – net control now if you have any swap and shop items to list.

Close the NET

(Close the net after the swap session is complete)

I would like to thank all (# of check-ins plus yourself) who checked in this evening to the South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club net. You are invited to check into our net again Sunday (give date and time) or join us at our next club meeting Sunday (give date and time) at the Witches Hat Depot in South Lyon, or join us for breakfast (give time and location).

This is N8SL closing this net and returning the repeater to regular amateur use.

73 everyone.

Revision 2-24-2019

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