MI QSO Party

SLAARC participates in the Michigan QSO Party (MiQP) each spring.  The MiQP is a contest event that takes place on the Saturday of the third full weekend in April each year and is a 12-hour operating event starting at noon Eastern Daylight Time.  For these 12 hours Michigan hams are the center of attention as amateur radio operators work to make contacts and earn points.

The MiQP is a lower-key contest than some, and SLAARC views it as a chance for club members to gain experience with HF operation and contesting.  To accomplish that aim the club usually operates from one of the club member’s very capable ham shack.

The MiQP is sponsored, organized, and run by the Mad River Radio Club (MRRC).  The MRRC maintains a separate website for the MiQP.  For a more complete explanation of the MiQP contest look at this Word document on their website: MiQP For First-Timers.

Photos of SLAARC’s participation in the MiQP contest can be found here.

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